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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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running the marathon and dehydrated, he came back. >> the people of boston and people coming out from restaurants to get trash bags and water.... >> shep: breaking news on fox news channel. these, i am told, are videotape first images of what appears to be one of the bombs that exploded in the boston marathon yesterday. this is brand-new. you are looking at photos we received just minutes ago. our fox station fox 5 in atlanta obtained this image. it's one of the pressure bombs after it exploded. on there you may be able to see an f.b.i. tag. this is what is left of what caused the chaos in boston. gail russell reporter broke this news and dale, how do you know what this is and how did you get
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it? >> shepard, we got this through sources who verified for us that these are actual crime scene photos from the first bomb from monday's boston marathon bombing. >> shep: tell me what we're looking at here. whether i look at it, i can't tell what it is? >> what you are seeing is an ordinary, everyday pressure cooker. they are very common in the stores, but also they are common for bomb making. you also see a black padded either knapsack or duffel bag that my sources say the bomb was carried in. there is also small bearing type pellets, and some sort of put at this holding them together. it was part of the shrapnel that mates it deadly. >> so investigators had this from the early minutes.
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the people took the pictures. what you are saying they took pictures of this. since then they have been analyzing it. looking at all the materials, trying to trace them back to the source and helping them trace to whoever bought them and put them together. >> that is exactly what they do. where were they manufactured and where were they sold. they are very common everyday pieces. the key is when they get to these pieces, they get them into the laboratory. that is when they are going to find whether there is a simple little piece of dna oh a slice of scotch tape or fingerprint left over on a device that the bomber doesn't know they left behind. >> shep: we've scrolled through the pictures again. are these serial numbers on the pressure cooker is that what they are looking at when they zoom in? >> we are examining that to try to determine exactly what those numbers are. we talked to who we believe is
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the manufacturer, but we're still working on that. i think there is some underwriting laboratory numbers on there. there is some numbers that may be, as you say, serial numbers. the same thing the f.b.i. and atf, who manufactured this piece. they got enough to work with. they are going to be able to take that and find out who manufactured it, who sold it and where. >> shep: so dale, what you are saying, after the bomb exploded this is a large chunk that ended up at the crime scene and the rest of it caused the maiming and destruction. what are your south, foreign? >> what one of the things i was reminded of, what is the message of the bomber? what were they trying to say? that is what they are trying to sort is through right now. one of the things they look at
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is the location, boston marathon the date on tax day, on patriots day, four or five days before the anniversary of waco. these are all images and symbols that investigators are sifting through to see if that had anything to do with the message that was put here with these two bombs at the boston marathon. they can't rule out overseas, foreign terrorism and they looking at all of that trying to determine who was behind this and why. >> shep: you might have thought in the moments after this bombing that when these pressure cookers exploded they would have exploded in a lot of pieces. what these pictures seem to indicate, very large pieces held together. we see numbers identifying marks. we see materials that are clearly, according to your sources, the materials that held this bomb as it sat either in a trash can or side 56 curb. these are very valuable pieces
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of evidence which i'm getting will be iconic pieces. i'm getting there are reporters all over boston are wondering how in atlanta came across this? >> i would love to tell you, shepard, i think we'll have to have that conversation off air. >> shep: understood. dale, please stay with us. we're bringing in katherine heritage. katherine, the first pictures of the remains of this bomb, what sources are see saying what sort of evidentiary value. >> they have a high evidentiary value, but we know tonight and had confirmation within the last couple of hours, these bomb components, they are being gathered up and shipped down to washington, d.c. as to what is
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known as f.b.i. lab down in quantico. they painstakingly reconstructed kind of what you see with archaeologist. they piece it back together and that is how they understand, the model and make and that kind of information that can allow them to identify potentially the source of purchase. that is the key because sometimes you have a witness who can identify a suspect, someone who is agents go a little strange or they may have video in the store that can look at a specific time frame and find that individual. so what we've got right here is the first pictures of the puzzle pieces of puzzle and crime scene. now they are coming down to washington, going to that crime lab. they will be recement bld with a broken piece of history and put it together. they identify the source and then try and identify who purchased it.
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from that, very possible leads. >> shep: more quickly you can do that the better your chances of getting at whoever placed it. how quickly they were able to put this together and whether they are on the trail of anything as a result? >> what ways told by veterans, they know how the bomb was built. they know this game so well. they have seen so many bombs. they have databases with all the components we've seen here in the pictures and more. we only have some of the pictures and not all of them. this is only the first bomb. they've got all this evidence together and all this experience. now, it's a matter as we heard going out and finding it. >> shep: katherine, it's my guess that that process happened very quickly. they were able to clear that area right away, all the area was sealed and tagged. you get something like this, i don't think it would be outside
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the realm of the obvious they would send this right there and begin the process almost immediately. >> reporter: they will begin almost immediately but what i would add and what jumped out to several individuals on committees that are being briefed on the investigation was the way in which the f.b.i. seemed to issue almost a cry for help from the public for video and for still pictures that will help them try and put an individual at that scene moments before the blast when the bag was placed. that is the key. it could not have been there for a long period of time. it had to be placed, we have seen a number of images with a bag in front of those barricades. you've got to look at that video and the individuals. finding a piece of evidence like this that you can piece together you've got two tracks in the investigation. you have this where it came from
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who made it the time frame, maybe it was made two or three years ago and the person has been hanging on for that long. that is the question that a has to be answered. is there dna, there are fingerprints that are left. hair or residue in the explosives themselves. >> shep: we can only presume if there is a dna on there, they know it. if there is dna on there they are acting on it. katherine, and dale from fox 5 in atlanta with the scoop of the day and of this story. the f.b.i. has pictures what they believe to be the bomb that blew upright there at the finish line off the boston marathon. pictures with numbers and etchings with the material still around them in some parts. all the damage that it did and the lives that it took on the
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streets at the finish line. yet these large pieces of that bomb remain. courtesy of fox 5 in atlanta. dale russell, thank you so much. we'll be back to you. a gut-wrenching look at the youngest victim kill in the attack. martin richard seen in a photograph holding a poster reading, no more hurting people, please. according to boston globe, he had just hugged his dad when is the first bomb exploded. mourners left candles and flowers and on this driveway someone wrote the word peace. mother and sister are still in serious condition and the father is in shock. >> i saw him getting get out of the car. i said -- oh, my god, are you okay? >> he didn't even answer me. his friend told me what had
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happened. i was in shock and horrified. >> shep: that dad released a statement, i quote, we thank our family and friends. those we know and those we have never met for our thoughts and prayers. pray for my family as we remember martin. meantime, we're hearing more from the mother confirmed fatality. crystal campbell. >> our hearts are broken. everybody that knew her loved her. she loved everybody. >> she had a heart of gold. we are learning that mom thought her daughter survived the blast, according to a friend's facebook post the family learned the truth when they got to the hospital and realized the patient in the room, it was not their daughter after all.
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she was carrying a friend's i.d.. we don't know name yet of the third person killed but boston university is now confirming the victim was graduate student there. the school not releasing the name because they are waiting permission from the family. >> some doctors finished running the marathon and went straight to work treating the victims. that is one of the stories how boston's world class medical staffers are inspiring this city in this nation. it was one of the most chilling images we saw as the news first broke. we're not showing you worst part what the blast did to a man's leg. an update how he is doing. from the journalists from fox news, as news broke that pieces of the bomb that exploded there are now in the hands of the f.b.i. the firste in our been shown to the world. from boston, this is the fox report on fox news channel.
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>> shep: some of the heroes here in boston that worked all night long with no rest to save lives of the victims. because of their unbelievable dedication, doctors at massachusetts hospital says nobody in that their care is likely to die from their injuries. chief surgeon says shis team is drawing strength from some of the victims. >> i've been moved, as a matter of fact i've been really amazed by the resolve of our patients. some of them woke up today with no leg and they told me they are happy to be alive. they thought these things happen. they thought they would die as they saw the blood spilling out. they thought they would lose their life right there and then. >> shep: the road ahead will be difficult. six or seven team according to the doctors said to be in critical condition. some of the victims have lost legs. others suffered severe shrapnel
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wounds. many face months if not years of physical and mental recovery. mike tobin is live at massachusetts hospital with the latest. doctors talked about the shrapnel they are removing from these victims. it's incredible? >> it really is. doctors say they have been pulling nails and ball bearings out of the victims, mostly ball bearings like spikes, sharp at both ends. at women's hospital they say the same thing, nails and ball bearings coming out of the victims. all consistent the bombs were packed with shrapnel and tended to rip through victims like a shotgun blast. >> a variety have sharp objects, probably this bomb had multiple metallic fragments in them. we removed pellets and nails. >> reporter: at massachusetts
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general, they performed four amputations. the decision to amputate was not a difficult one. most of injuries were to the legs, lower extremities because the blast went across the ground. there is a two-year-old boy that suffered a head injury because he was low to the ground. doctors are happy to say he is in good condition. >> shep: great to hear. the doctors said this afternoon this bombing has caused a unique situation with blood donations? >> doctors are very impressed by the way the community came out to donate blood. so much so they no longer need blood for the immediate time. >> what you can do is put your name on a list. these patients will need transfusions over the next few days and weeks. your contributions would be welcome. we don't want to be in a position to throw out blood
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because we have so much today we can't use it all. >> reporter: people can check back later. doctors were very impressed with the way the community came out and very impressed by the resilience of the victims. >> shep: mike, thanks. the governor of massachusetts said he visited a young victim named victoria. she was hysterical, as he put it until an army sergeant, afghan veteran calmed her down. >> his name is tyler. one of the things he said to her was to show her his own shrapnel wound or scar from his own shrapnel wound when he was in afghanistan. victoria very, very much wants to thank tyler personally. if tyler is out there or listening. we would love to hear from tyler so we can connect him to
4:20 pm
victoria. >> shep: governor patrick can call this phone anymore on on your screen. the day after a deadly terror attack, we're learning somebody mailed a letter tainted with poison to a united states senator. breaking details as fox reports live tonight, one day after the bombings in boston. upid loud pl. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business. can you start the day the way you want? can orencia (abatacept) help? [ woman ] i wanted to get up when i was ready,
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>>. >> shep: breaking news out of washington, somebody sent a letter to a united states senator and in the envelope has tested positive for ricin a deadly poison. mike, which senator. it's a senator from mississippi? >> that is right. roger wicker who has served mississippi since 2007.
4:24 pm
we understand the letter was intercepted at an off-site facility. my understanding we have live pictures of that off site facility. all indications are the system that was set up after the 2001 anthrax letters that were sent to lawmakers that created such hysteria on capitol hill, system worked in this case. a test positive and lawmakers were told of this at a briefing this evening with the f.b.i. director robert mueller and janet napolitano and terry gainer. there was no harm done. it was caught at an off-site facility. >> shep: live pictures we're looking at that from postal facility. anything from senator wicker's office? >> they are remaining tight-lipped. he has been a low profile guy and has served since 2007. member of the joint economic
4:25 pm
committee and budget committee. at you can imagine, his staff was not welcome the news and who may have sent this letter to the his office. a democratic from missouri told reporters off camera the letter came from somebody who frequently writes to lawmakers. that ko may good investigative lead as to figure out who sent this and why to get to the bottom of this investigation. >> shep: as an aside, no connection to any of the actions here in boston. we're working to contact senator wicker. continuing coverage of breaking news, what appears to be the first image or the first series of images of one of the bombs that exploded at the boston marathon here yesterday. our station fox 5 for atlanta obtained this image. we're told it is the pressure coolinger bomb one of them after it exploded.
4:26 pm
we'll have continuing coverage moments away. just about everybody that was at the marathon as a runner or spectator. coming up, more dramatic tales from people that saw and heard the tragedy unfold. a crew and i went down to the scene just as the crews were starting to clean up. >> over here behind me is a public park and boston commons. you can see runners were around taking pictures. there were a lot of people running in the parks. you can see all the media cameras. the bombings themselves were just down here. if you go about three blocks past on the left. that is where one of them happened. the other side of the street was the other one. 9 camera views that you saw all day yesterday and today is where the finish line was where some 5,000 people never made it ♪
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>>. >> shep: i'm shepard smith, this is the fox report. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, investigators taking a close look at these images shows what we're told is one of the bombs that detonated yesterday at the boston marathon. our reporter from fox 5 in atlanta obtained these images. they apparently show the wreckage of a pressure cooker. investigators have indicated whoever carried out the attack did use pressure cookers to construct the bombs. rick levanthol is here in boston. these images are extraordinary
4:31 pm
and real piece of evidence that we have any solid. >> reporter: absolutely. we had heard earlier from f.b.i. and authorities believe the bombs might have been made from pressure cookers. they may have been carried in black nylon bags or backpacks and these photos show a mangled pressure cooker and shredded backpack. these are clearly crime scene photos, what they believe to be evidence of one of the possible bombs in this attack. this was apparently according to our reporters the first bomb that went off. another of the images shows the ball bearings or small bbs that may have been used to spread the carnage. they appear to be crime scene photos and direct evidence of one of the two bombs used in the attack. >> neil: and theory from katherine heritage, a quick
4:32 pm
google search, there are a lot of manufacturers in the state of georgia. not to taking anything away from dale russell but just way of theory, they may have sent to law enforcement agencies in georgia. the google search looks at multiple hits from pressure cooker manufacturers and possible evidence from other photos, as well? >> just one other note. what is remarkable, you can see the stamp from the manufacturer, what appears to be a clear serial number on that pressure cooker. they can follow that up. they can figure out where that unit was sent and possibly what store it was sold and who may have bought it. we saw two compelling photos from boston affiliate what may be the second bomb that went off. when you look at this photo, the first picture shows what looks
4:33 pm
like a bag or a box on the street side of a metal barricade sitting on the curb. second photo shows the same area shortly after the explosion. clearly where the box or bag was that is where the area was worse affected. they blurred it out because it's very graphic photo. they saw nothing left of that box. that box or bag was the source of the second explosion. those photos have been forwarded to the f.b.i. these are just some of the pictures we're seen that illustrated perhaps many hundreds of thousands of more photos they are poring over to determine who may have left these devices behind. >> shep: thanks to our great work in atlanta for the first pictures we believe of the exploded bomb, the first one to go off here in boston. >> we're hearing more tonight
4:34 pm
from those that were there when the bombs went off. runners and supporters telling what they saw and heard in first moments of horror. >> where are we supposed to go? >> i heard the biggest sound i've ever heard in my life and everything went chaotic. >> the ground shook, biggest earthquake. >> we were picking up metals and people were congratulating -- picking up our medals and all of a sudden, just kaboom. this loud blast. we all stopped and turned. we looked toward the finish line. you could see a big cloud of smoke. >> there was a second one. everybody said you need to run. basically everyone started running as much as they could. >> i saw a fireball which is not like in the movies. you see it an instant before you hear it.
4:35 pm
>> people were going the other way. they were people running away. >> i was in a post race party third floor of a building opposite the finish line. i was sitting on the couch. the blast blew me off the couch onto the ground. i ran down the stairs and i ran on to a carpet of glass and blood streaks. i have talked to most of the people that were at the party and we're bonded. this experience has bonded us. >> i was there when the oklahoma bombing happened and i don't think tim mcveigh would have thought, somehow in the aftermath of all this, we're better people. i think it is a fact. >> i think so. a lot of people went away from the bombing when it happened. we started to make sure
4:36 pm
everybody was okay. people like bruce ran toward them so people were okay. it brings everybody together. >> shep: memories of yesterday that will no doubt last a lifetime. we expect many more stories that went to a marathon what felt like a war zone. first reports from boston, there may have been one image to show the nation how horrible it really was. a gravely injured man in a wheelchair, they ran as live during studio "b" and came across our on monitors in the studio. there was an audible gasp in the room. workers looked down at the floor in disbelief. both his legs were gone. many wondered if he survived. his story can be told. his name is jeff and he was at
4:37 pm
the race to watch his girlfriend. doctors had to amputate what was left of his legs. he is currently in stable condition. the doctors said today many of those who woke up after surgery stunned to be alive said how happy they were missing limbs and excited for another day. yesterday's terror attack triggering security around the globe including in london where a marathon is one big event set to get underway. the details are next as fox reports live from boston.
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4:41 pm
to give blood and those that stayed to attend to the wounded. first responders who ran into the chaos to save lives, if you want to know who we are, what america is, how we respond to evil, that is it. selfishly, compassionately and unafraid. >> shep: governments around the world are increasing security at public places and landmarks, but there are some major events on the horizon including 30 different marathons. greatest challenge may be in london. tomorrow hundreds of diplomats and dignitaries are expected the funeral of margaret thatcher. on sunday, half a million spectators are expected to line the streets of london for that city's marathon. fox report jonathan hunt live with us. it appears that the london marathon is going to be a a
4:42 pm
tribute to the victims here in boston? >> the 30,000 expected runners competing in the london marathon on sunday will begin with a 30 seconds moment of silence before they start to tackle that 26.2 mile course. every one of them is encouraged to wear a black ribbon as tribute to the victims of the boston bombings. those will be handed out when they register to get their numbers and not surprisingly we are hearing there is a review of all security procedures for sunday's marathon. listen. >> the potential link but we don't know of no obvious one. but what we normally do we will increase searching and make sure we have more officers on the street and looking after people and making sure they are safe. there is no reason to think there is any less safe after the terrible events in boston. >> bob: while it's the biggest
4:43 pm
marathon in the next few days, there is one, newest one here that will be the salt lake city city marathon and looking at security procedures there. >> shep: jonathan, there is acknowledgement you can't secure events like this. >> reporter:, no absolutely. in london there will be half a million people on the streets. it's one thing for the security forces there as they did successfully during the olympics last year to secure individual venues but when you an open course like this as every security expert will tell you, complete and utter security is well impossible. >> you may see more bomb detection dogs that will be sniffing through the crowd. we are operating that free society so people walking along a street, whether lining up a
4:44 pm
marathon route, it's difficult to control if people are willing to go through controls to get to a particular more concentrated location. >> bottom line, it is next to impossible to stop every determined would be bomber in every potential location. >> shep: jonathan hunt, live in new york. >> terror attack in boston affected legislative business in the nation's capital. late tonight the gang of eight is expected to file long anticipated immigration bill. four republicans and four democrats make up the bipartisan group of senators. their proposal would put the 11 million immigrants on a path to citizenship in exchange for paying fines and increasing border security. mccain and schumer briefed obama on their plan at the white house. they say they hope for a final vote on the bill by may or june. the boston bombings forced the cancellation of a joint news
4:45 pm
conference with gabrielle giffords and two senators behind a barren background check bipartisan support for background checks. they showed their support for the measure. by joe manchin and patrick toomey. it faces growing opposition. the senate could vote between six and ten amendments to the gun control bill including the manchin plan and those could come as early as tomorrow. >> the bombings here in boston is sparking a debate for our security. the challenges of keeping america safe without taking away or personal freedoms as fox reports live from boston. vo: from the classic lines to the elegant trim
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>>. >> shep: live look in darby park the section in boston where the
4:49 pm
eight-year-old martin richard that was killed in the bomb attack lived. as bells toll here. we're near where the explosions happened. bells have been ringing and hymns playing for the last hour and 45 minutes. after the sun set here in boston folks coming from the candlelight vigil as there is mourning across new england and across america for the victims of the bombing at the marathon. as you can imagine, people remain on edge, many after the bombings. it's raising questions how it could impact security precautions across the nation. steve centanni is live in washington. >> reporter: security is tightened in many places across the country. here in washington, a section of pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house was shot down. police are out in full force and boston and d.c. and other major cities. some say our civil liberties knob jeopardy if security
4:50 pm
tightens further. >> i think if this is beginning of a trend, then we really are going to see a discussion about discussion about civil liberties. >> reporter: some fear the israeli model of security. still others thing israeli style security is the smart way to go. >> this country is a 14-year-old teenager going through what i call security puberty. i don't expect the americans to be where israels are at but demand the government gets on the israeli page. >> it's too soon to know the security implications of the boston bombings but americans disagree over the need of tightened security. >> you know, i'm easy and security i think would give us a little peace of mind in this horrible time. >> the last ten years, every parade and public event needs to have pat-downs.
4:51 pm
>> some say it's designed to comforted a nervous american public. >> shep: steve, thank you. among the first responders, medical workers and civilians that ran to help those that were injured. a familiar face to sports fan, a patriots player was ready to help. first, legendary n.f.l. sportscaster pat summerall has died. he called games for more than 40 years. he became as much as sundays as football itself. >> the hoopla is just about over. we're going to play pretty soon. >> shep: he was part of 16 superbowls, his last in 2002. he was also his final game with long time partner john madden. they worked together for 21 years. summerall did a handful of games
4:52 pm
after that. before he called the games, pat summerall played ten season in the n.f.l. he died today of sudden cardiac arrest. in a statement fox sports writes his 50 year record as a broadcaster is truly unique and very difficult for anyone to ever walk in his footsteps. patted summerall, dead today at 82. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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>>. >> shep: many sports fans in new england considering joanne druzi in his playing days. he carried a woman from the scene of the blast. he was greeting runners at the finish line. he released a statement thanking people for the attention, but the spotlight should instead be
4:56 pm
on the countless individuals who did whatever they could to save lives. updating breaking news from tonight's fox report. the very first pictures of one of the bombs that blew up here in boston. this was first on fox this hour. we're told these pictures show an exploded pressure cooker and shredded black duffel bag. f.b.i. officials say they don't have information on the suspect and the investigation remains wide open. rick levanthol with the late update. >> reporter: 30 agencies are working this case. many were on the scene before the explosions doing security for the marathon and once they secured the location after the explosions they begin the process of collecting the evidence. what we're seeing now, apparently are photos of some of that evidence. you mentioned the pressure cooker. we were told by the f.b.i. they believe pressure cookers were used in the blast. they were put inside a black nylon bag or backpacks. we see pictures of a shredded
4:57 pm
mangled pressure cooker and a shredded black nylon bag, always photo that appears to show ball bearings or small metal pellets. from the nbc affiliate here in boston they have picture what is believed to be the second explosion before the bomb went off. an object along the marathon route on the curb there. what looks like a box or a bag. after the explosion, something that has been partially blurred, you can't see the carnage that it left behind. but the box or bag is apparently gone. that area was the scene of that second blast. these are some of the photos that the f.b.i. is now looking at frame by frame. they are also looking at surveillance video and other sources trying to determine who might have least these packages behind and who might be responsible for these bombings that have cost three lives and injured more than a 170 others. >> shep: new pictures from fox 5
4:58 pm
in atlanta, pictures the f.b.i. clearly has had for the last 24 hours but new to us thanks to his reporting. serial numbers, manufacturer information, duffel bag after the bomb exploded. pictures from the scene could be crucial. they already have been crucial as the investigation into this bombing rolls on. >> shep: on this day in 2007, a gunman killed 32 people on the campus of virginia tech university in what is still the deadliest shooting spree in modern american history. it begin quarter after 7:00 in the morning, he first shot a female freshman and resident assistant. somehow the suspect disappeared. the killer entered a classroom building and went from room to room armed with two handguns and killed more than 30 people. then he killed himself. in the days after that attack at
4:59 pm
virginia tech, ex-classmates describe him as a disturbed loner but a tragedy struck that college campus, six years ago today. now, you know the news. for this tuesday, april 16th, 2013. fox report continues tomorrow. we'll have coverage throughout the night including more details as we get them on these new pictures, the first of one of the bombs itself that blew upright on the finish line of the boston marathon yesterday. details crucial for investigators and first visual on them here tonight. speaking of, there is candlelight vigil underway right here in boston, garvey park, home of the eight-year-old martin richard who was killed in the bomb attack at boston marathon yesterday by the hundreds and possibly thousands that will be out in boston tonight as prayers go out from new england from aroun
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